The Casemate Blog

It’s here!

Welcome to the new Casemate blog. With all the latest news on Casemate, our distribution publishers, and the wider history community, if you like and read history, the Casemate blog is for you.

Over the next few months we will have contributions from employees, authors, illustrators, milbloggers, history buffs, museum curators, collectors, wargamers, modelers, re-enactors and more. With exclusive highlights, offers, reviews, and competitions, there will be something for all history fans.

So if you want to know what’s happening at Casemate first, come to the Casemate blog. We hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “The Casemate Blog

  1. Read Soldier’s Mail: Letters Home 1916-1919 to follow the adventures of U.S. Sgt. Sam Avery during the American involvement in the Great War from the hot sands along the Rio Grande during the Mexican Border Campaign to the cold mud along the Meuse with the AEF in France. Letters are posted on the same date they were written more than 90 years ago. The site also features original photos, period music, interactive maps & more. Come march along with the Most Gallant Generation!

  2. Dear Mrs (Sir)!
    For me is great pleasure to show you my new blog, named “Military Diplomacy” with URL adress
    The blog is for the military diplomacy and the foreign policy during the Second World War, also have variouse research articles about these themes.
    With best wishes
    Nikolay Kotev

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