Casemate Military History Quiz

For the past couple of weeks, we have been running a daily military history teaser on Twitter (follow us at casematepub) where if you send us a direct message with the correct answer, you get entered into a weekly prize draw to win a FREE book of your choice from our back catalogues. For an idea of what you could win, check out our websites and have a peruse… 🙂

We get to have fun thinking of questions, and learn more about the subject of military history and hopefully you do too. However, not everyone is on Twitter, and as we thought it a little unfair everyone else wasn’t getting to join in, we thought we’d post the questions every Friday afternoon up onto the blog, and onto Facebook (become a fan) and give you 24 hours to email us the answers to enter.

So, here are the first 5 questions for your consideration:

1) Who said: “Hot Dog Courtney, this’ll bust him wide open!” …

2) … and what news was it concerning?

3) Which siege ended the resistance of the Gauls to Roman rule?

4) What were “circus” operations?

5) For what is Union General Lew Wallace best known outside of his military career?

So, it’s that simple. Know the answers? E-mail us with them by 6pm GMT/1pm EST Sat 13 March ’10, get them all right, and you could win a free book of your choice. If you think your friends might like to play, let them know.

Good luck!


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