Casemate Military Quiz Week Two

Hello all, here are last week’s Casemate Military History Quiz questions from our daily Twitter comp! We were asked if we could do it on a Monday morning instead, so here they are, and you have until tomorrow morning to email us the answers for entry into the prize draw to win a free book of your choice!

So, good luck!

1) Who did Alexander name as his successor?
2) Varro vs Hannibal (216BC) – which battle?

3) What, to military theorists of the 1920s, was meant by Tank Marines?
4) What were “Faith” “Hope” and “Charity”?
5) What was the profession of “Mad Mike” Hoare?

And there was a bonus Q this week:
In WWII, what was “Big Week”

Think you know the answers? Then get emailing 🙂 You have until 23 March, 11:00 GMT.


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