Travels, Volcanos and the Best Laid Plans

Each year I travel to the London Book Fair there is something new to see or to think about. This time it was rather different, the skill being to find enough to do given more than half the attendees couldn’t make it because of the Icelandic volcano. The situation was however a study in relative misfortune as lengthier than usual conversations were possible and from those good things will come.

Be worried? Casemate's Simone Drinkwater and Osprey's Sarah Broadway are plotting something - in a bar!

It will be interesting to see if the London Book Fair can regain it’s former size once everyone catches up at Book Expo America (now a scant 3 weeks away) and realizes they really only need to meet once in the Spring. Which show will win out I wonder?

I had the pleasure of meeting a goodly number of people either side of the Book Fair too. Duncan Rogers from Casemate client, Helion & Company came to our offices in Newbury. I had the pleasure of attending the launch for preeminent military historian, Martin Windrow’s new book on the French Foreign Legion, Our Friends Beneath the Sands. Before the fair I was also able to meet with Compendium Publlishing’s Alan Greene, Stasz and Sara from Amber Books and Roger Wallsgrove from Mushroom Model Publishers, all Casemate clients on one or both sides of the Atlantic. Others I was unable to see because of the disruption.

After the Book Fair, on to Paris (tough life, I know) and meetings with Andrea Press, Histoire & Collections, Heimdal and Indo Editions amongst others. At the latter, I had the pleasure to meet author Etienne Segretain (pictured)

Etienne Segretain (author), David Farnsworth, President, Casemate Publishers

We were lucky that despite the disruptions, Casemate’s tremendous team was able to put on a great display at the London Book Fair and came away from it with much to do and be excited about.


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