Book Launch in Switzerland

Casemate author Stephen Halbrook (Swiss and the Nazis) has sent in some photos from the launch of a German language edition of his book – “Schweizer Widerstand gegen Nazi-Deutschland,” that took place on May 3 at the Military Library in Bern, Switzerland.

The book is available from:

Verlag Merker im Effingerhof, Drosselweg 6, CH-5600
Telefon 062 892 39 41, Fax 062 892 39 42, Email
Fr. 49.– / € 25. –

Pro Libertate, Postfach 587, CH-3052 Zollikofen
Telefon 031 332 57 84, Fax 031 332 57 85, Email
Fr. 49.–

Casemate is publishing a trade paperback edition of the book this Fall which will be available September in the US and October in the UK.


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