Casemate’s first visit to historic Warsaw

This week’s Book Fair is the International Book Fair in Warsaw. Casemate has been exhibiting here in Poland for the first time this week, sharing a stand with the lovely people at Compendium Publishing, one of the leading illustrated non-fiction publishers. This is also my first time in Poland, as it is for Natasha Delic, from Compendium. Warsaw is a beautiful city, and we have found the Polish people to be incredibly friendly and helpful. It is certainly on our list to return when we are not working!
The Fair itself is the second largest book fair in Europe, with publishers from all over the world exhibiting their books to fellow publishers and customers alike. Unlike the London or New York book fairs, the Polish Book Fair allows the general public to come and see the fair as well. This makes for a very different atmosphere!
The Fair runs for 4 days, and today is our last day before heading home. It has been a very successful show for us, with lots of interest from publishers from all over Eastern Europe who attend the fair, as well as a lot of military history readers. We have now run out of catalogues and will be selling books at a good discount to some lucky military history fans!
Even though Poland, and Warsaw has suffered terribly at the hands of war, particularly during the Second World War of course, there is a strong interest in what happened, why it happened and between whom. They are a very patriotic country and are keen to know as much as they can about their history.
In the evenings, we have been sampling a little of the local specialities, such as the Polish dumplings, known as Pierogi, Barszcz, a beetroot soup often served with dumplings or sour cream and vegetables, and of course the vodka. Poland has many kinds of vodka, the most in the world, with one of the favourites being Zubrowka, also known as Bison Grass vodka!
When the show ends, we will also be visiting the acclaimed Polish Military Museum, and I will feed back on this in a later post. Here are some photos from the show and Warsaw:


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