Casemate at Book Expo America in New York

While Simone and Natasha were off in Poland for Warsaw’s International Book Fair, Colleen, Curtis, David, Michael, Steve, Tara and Casemate UK’s Mark  made their annual trip to Book Expo America in New York   to see and learn what’s new and what’s next in publishing.

We always look forward to BEA; it is an opportunity not only to spend a few days in NYC  but more importantly  to see friends and colleagues from around the country as well as around the globe.

This year  we had the pleasure of hosting book signings with  Casemate’s “American Guerilla ” author, Mike Guardia, and  “Jump Commander” author, John Sparry.

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We were also joined by Savas Beatie’s “Fighting Words” author Richard Miller and “Military Education Benefits For College” authors David J. Renza and  Edmund J. Lizotte.  Daniel Allen Butler, author of Casemate’s “The First Jihad” and “The Other Side of the Night” was also at BEA signing advanced copies of his soon to be published “Burden of Guilt“.  Many thanks to all of our authors who travelled far and wide to meet us and their readers.  Check back soon for some great photos from Book Expo!


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