Review of The Untold Battle of Trafalgar and free book competition!

Did you catch this excellent Channel 4 programme on Monday night? For many, the Royal Navy was the first equal opportunities employer, offering freedom and potential fortune for runaway slaves, ex-convicts and many other foreign nationals – in fact, twenty-five different nationalities fought on behalf of Nelson at Trafalgar. I am fairly new to this subject and thought it was a brilliant introduction to a topic so many of our customers are passionate about – highly recommended! If you missed it, you can catch it soon at Channel 4 online.

Wanting to know more, I dug about in the Casemate archives for more information and found an excellent title – Pictures from the Life of Nelson – if you would like to win this copy when I have finished reading it 🙂 then email me the answer to this question: Who designed Nelson’s column? The winner will be drawn out of a hat on Friday 9th July.

Good luck!

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