Historicon 2010 – a good move

Once again Casemate headed off to spend four days in the company of a very enthusiast historical wargaming crowd at Historicon 2010 on 8–11 July at the Valley Forge Convention Center. However, with non-stop gaming, a vast exhibitor hall, painting and game demos, flea market, over 70 seminars by the leading lights from military history with the show’s “War College”, competitions and giveaways, this is a show for all history fans.

Moving for the first time to historic site Valley Forge, from Lancaster was bold, and controversial, but in our opinion it paid off. It was very easy to get to from Philadelphia airport, there was more space for exhibitors, and has the opportunity for further growth, so hopefully no exhibitor will have to be turned away like in previous shows, the air con worked – something not to be taken lightly when it gets as hot as it did this July! There were also more games, with a huge area devoted to the many wonderful battles, campaigns and skirmishes being recreated, far bigger and busier than before, and the atmosphere was electric!

We were joined, as Tara has mentioned, by some of our authors who both presented seminars and attended signings of their books at our stand; Mike Guardia, who wrote American Guerrilla, the inside story on the man who paved the way for modern special forces warfare, Bruce Bassett-Powell, publisher of the acclaimed Uniformology books, and author of our forthcoming illustrated history Armies of Bismarck’s Wars, and Phillip Tucker, author of controversial Exodus from the Alamo. We were also joined by RZM Publishing author Douglas Nash who signed copies of his bestselling and critically acclaimed Hell’s Gate, as well as returning visitor, Jack Gill, author of magisterial study “1809: Thunder on the Danube”, who gave a seminar presentation and signed copies of his recent third volume release. We also caught up with David Glantz, leading Eastern Front expert, who confirmed his new book Barbarossa Derailed, volumes 1 and 2, were nearly complete and therefore out soon!
We gave away various prizes, talked to our customers, talked military history, discussed new book ideas, previewed the beautiful new Napoleon’s Army, covering the complete works by one of the greats, artist Lucien Rousselot, as well as admired other artists’ works by leading artists such as Keith Rocco, Mark Churms and Peter Dennis (leading Osprey Publishing artist), amongst others, who were all attending and exhibiting in the “Artist’s Aisle”.
It was a great show, we sold many books, which always makes the boss happy!, met many more great people, and we look forward to seeing what bigger and better things await us next year.
Here are some photos taken at the show:

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