Casemate Tank Test 4

Seeing as it’s getting a little cold over in the UK – no chance of us Casemates going out without a coat this side of the pond! – I thought we’d try something a little wintery for our latest guess the tank pic.

First things first, congrats to the winners from the last tank test. The correct answer was a Canadian Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, so well done to everyone who got it right!

As always, we post up a pic of the un-named tank in question, and the first 5 correct answers will win a £10/$15 money-off voucher for our Casemate US and Casemate UK websites.

Here is this week’s Tank Test pic:

Winter Warfare

Got it in a flash, despite the icicles, E-mail us by Wednesday 29 Sept 🙂

And just because it made me laugh, here’s a picture of tank made out of balloons. Pretty impressive, if not quite so deadly…

P.S. Please don’t comment the answers, you’ll give the game away! E-mail us instead 🙂


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