Euromilitaire 2010: 25 years on and one of the best yet!

Casemate UK went to Folkestone this weekend to celebrate modelling show Euromilitaire‘s Silver Jubilee. 25 years later and it’s bigger, better and the calibre of modelling talent is just staggering. I’ve been going for a few years now, and am always amazed at what has been achieved, particularly in the scratch-build classes. Military Modelling magazine will have a full list of the competition winners, and photo report in their next issue, but this is a great visitor’s personal report on the WAMP forum.
This year’s winner was a little controversial as it was a fantasy piece, (and I won’t spoil it for those who want to find out when they read the magazine) but I personally think it’s great that both historical and fantasy modelling are coming together in one place. Here is last year’s winner, just as impressive!

We had a great time, met up with Periscopio publisher, Stelios Demiras, magazine and web editors, including Robin Buckland from Military, David Grummitt from Military Modelcraft International, David Parker from AFV Modeller, Alan Firbank from Model Aviation World, John Murphy from Military Miniatures in Review, and Spencer Pollard from Military in Scale, who also won a gold medal for one of his models! Congratulations again Spencer!

To celebrate 25 years of the show there was singing, dancing and free champagne. See our own photo report from the show and see if you can spot who had been partaking in the free fizz!

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