Military History Weekend 2010 Wrap-Up

The second annual Military History Weekend, held October 16-17 in historic Williamsburg, VA, turned into another rousing success for aficionados of all ages. Co-sponsored by W. Britain, Casemate, Osprey Publishing and The Toymaker of Williamsburg, the event lucked into one of the most beautiful weekends of the year for many hundreds of interested attendees.

With vintage WWII vehicles parked outside and re-enactors strolling the halls-covering the gamut from GI’s to FallschirmjÄger to Napoleonic Guardsmen and medieval warriors-the ambiance was much like a military history carnival, even as the colorful booths and displays offered everything from books to crafted collectibles and toys to genuine Civil War rifles.

This year’s MHW again featured special programs for kids, and wargaming for all ages, as well as fascinating demonstrations of sword, spear and mace fighting by the fearsome-looking (though friendly) people at Medieval Fantasy. A gala dinner Saturday night featured an intriguing presentation on the US Marines’ little-known participation in the Chinese civil war, as well as the awarding of prizes.
If you haven’t yet attended a Military History Weekend, we’d heartily suggest you keep an eye out for next year’s, for a fascinating time and great group of people in the midst of one of America’s richest historical areas.


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