Aid For Japan

Images of the tragedy in Japan have circulated around the world this week. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami have left the country devastated, and despite their preparedness for such natural events, the scale of the damage quickly overwhelmed the safety measures and procedures and the death toll continues to rise. Countless people are still without basic needs, all while severe weather and a looming nuclear crisis threaten relief efforts.

Starting today, March 18, through March 25, a portion of all Casemate and Casemate UK web sales will be donated to the Red Cross to support their disaster relief efforts in Japan. Casemate is a proud member of the global community, and we recognize our responsibility to support to our international neighbors in their time of need. If, like Casemate, you would like to contribute to the relief, the Red Cross in America and Great Britain have set up appeals. We, and the people of Japan, appreciate your generosity.

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