Casemate is now digital!

Casemate is excited to announce the launch of its new digital publishing program! Now you can have at your fingertips all new releases by Casemate in addition to an extensive backlist of titles in ebook format. You will also find ebooks available from Savas Beatie, Grub Street, and Amber, making our ebook catalog the most extensive selection of military history ebooks out there.   

And in celebration of our launch, we are pleased to offer Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War by noted author Henrik Lunde for free! Simply go to and click on your ebook retailer of choice below to take advantage of this excellent offer. Hurry, this offer is available for only two weeks, so get your copy fast!

 To further explore Casemate’s extensive ebook offerings go to and browse by subject.


3 thoughts on “Casemate is now digital!

  1. The link to the free ebook insists that I pay for it. Can you help? Is there a special code that you perhaps forgot to tweet?

    1. Hi Tim,

      Will check into which sites haven’t activated the promotion yet and will let you know when they’re updated.

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