Project Liberty Ship

Participate in living history aboard the the restored Liberty Ship John W. Brown in Baltimore, Maryland, and contribute to a good cause! Enjoy an exciting six-hour “Voyage into History” on one of the few remaining World War II Liberty ships. Aboard you will be transported back into the 1940s, listening to live Big Band music, talk to military re-enactors, watch fly-bys of vintage World War II aircraft.

The entire ship will be open for you to visit: view the 140-ton triple-expansion steam engine as it powers us down the Chesapeake Bay, in addition to the crew quarters, bridge, flying bridge, chart room, radio room, messrooms, the stern gun deck, and much more.

Sail dates are as follows:

Saturday, May 28: 10am to 4pm

Saturday, June 25: 10am to 4pm

Saturday, September 10: 10am to 4pm.

To learn more about Project Liberty Ship and to purchase tickets, go to


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