Wednesday with the Author David Bennett

We recently caught up with MAGNIFICENT DISASTER : The Failure of Market Garden, The Arnhem Operation, September 1944, author David Bennett.  Here’s what he had to tell us about himself, and why he wrote his book…..

When did you first realize that you wanted to become a writer?

Much of the work in my previous career involved writing, in which I was fortunate, as I loved doing it.It was only after I retired in 2006 that I was able to write non-fiction full-time.

Why did you decide to write this book? What prompted you to put this story down on paper?

I re-read Ryan’s “A Bridge Too Far” and at the end, suddenly realized:  the point of the whole operation was completely unclear and obscure!

What do you like most about your book? Why should we read it?

I want readers to be held by every page and to be convinced that the narrative and the explanations result in a full understanding of the Arnhem Operation.

Do you have any advice for budding military history authors wanting to get published?

Most battles and campaigns in the Second World War have been exhaustively studied and the sources mined out.  Thus the budding military author, if s/he wants to contribute something new, has to be lucky in finding some significant historical event that has not been explored or they have to contribute a new perspective such as psychological, philosophical or neuroscientific explanation.  (To be clear, I regard psycho-history, the “if’s” of history and some creative non-fiction as an ill-founded waste of time.)

Thanks David!


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