Casemate US: Military History Weekend all set to go!

The third annual Military History Weekend in beautifulWilliamsburg,Virginia is soon to get underway, on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16. Despite the ruckus caused by Hurricane Irene, which forced the Fair to switch from its previous venue, we are now ready and in-place, just across the village to the Crowne Plaza Williamsburg, atFortMagruder.

As always there’ll be a panoply of military history throughout the eras, and events and displays for people of all ages. This annual event, sponsored by Casemate, Osprey Publishing, W. Britain, the Toymakers of Williamsburg, and theVirginiaWarMuseum, yearly features participants from throughout the country. Aside from an unprecedented display of books there are vendors of all kinds, from antique firearms (which you can actually hold and point) to wargaming, modeling, and miniature enthusiasts, with all their expertise and artistry.

MHW has also been noted for its large attendance of re-enactors, who can sometimes startle one strolling down the aisles. On one side is a Napoleonic grenadier, in full authentic uniform, but then on the other is a German Fallschirmjäger, camouflaged and holding a Panzerfaust, but just near a US Marine. A delight every year is the Medieval Fantasties troupe, whose displays of personal sword-and-axe tactics in close combat way back when, are of utter fascination. AntiqueUSmilitary vehicles (and others) are always on hand, for the current generation to gain a sense of how the Greatest Generation was able to prevail.

Please make a point to stop by the Casemate stand, where our full array of books—both published and distributed—will be displayed. With over 2,000 titles by now, MHW gives us the rare chance to display our complete line all at once. While there, don’t hesitate to say hi to Sean Johnston and Curtis Key, who will be running our stand, and always happy to meet other military history enthusiasts.

Prominent authors and highly decorated veterans will be at the Fair for signings and conversations, and there is also a full program for the kids, ranging from a “Kid Boot Camp” in the afternoons to tutorials on games or creating their own miniatures.  Richard Killblaine, coauthor of THE FILTHY THIRTEEN will be signing books at the Casemate stand on Saturday at 4:30, and A Stephen Hamilton, author of   ODER FRONT 1945 will be on hand Sunday morning at 11:00 for a signing.  With colorful and entrancing displays throughout (not to mention the chance of meeting a Viking in the hall), MHW is truly a fun event for the entire family.

For those who haven’t yet visited Williamsburg, what can we say?Philadelphia, NY and UK based Casemate had little firsthand knowledge of the locale until Military History Weekend lured us to visit.

But once seen it has more than lived up to its reputation. On one side isYorktown(beautifully preserved) and on the other the Pocahantas Trail. Then the numerous Civil War battlefields, Busch Gardens (an amusement park, not a rosary),Virginia Beach,Norfolk,Jamestown, and countless other places straight down the center of American history. Not to mentionWilliamsburgitself, which is at the center of it all, and the perfect venue for another fun weekend for history enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you this year, a great time all but ensured.

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