Richard Kane Joins the Casemate Team

We are proud to announce that Richard Kane, one of the foremost military history publishing professionals in the U.S., has recently joined Casemate as its newest commissioning editor.

Richard is a veteran of over thirty years in trade book publishing, specializing in military history, and has arrived with us after previously guiding such excellent firms as Zenith Books and Presidio Press. A graduate of the Military Academy at West Point, he served for six years in the U.S. Army, and then started in the book business as a mid-Atlantic salesperson for Presidio.

For those who can little remember the 1990s, Presidio Press became the gold standard during that decade for other US military history houses, publishing a number of classics that still continue to this day. Richard soon rose from his initial sales position to president of the company, until Random House purchased the firm, even now continuing to keep its excellent array of titles in print.

After the sale of Presidio, in 2003 Richard joined MBI (Motorbooks) as director of publishing for its new imprint, Zenith Press. With astonishing speed, Zenith rose to the top tier of military history publishing, duplicating Presidio’s success with both important works to spread our understanding of military history and bestselling ones into general trade. While Casemate never exactly ceded the field to Presidio and Zenith, or any other publisher, it can be said that we always admired Richard’s achievements and respected him as one of our greatest competitors. It is now with a huge amount of pride that we welcome him to our organization.

The addition of Richard to our publishing program represents Casemate’s commitment to ever-increasing excellence, and acute attention to all fields of military history, from the current conflicts in which our troops are engaged to the timeless lessons of warfare as demonstrated down through the centuries.

The coming spring, once Richard’s impact is felt, should produce one of the best military history seasons by any publisher yet seen. His skill and expertise, in addition to our own, promises to provide a rare synergy, and we trust that, above all, our readers will be rewarded.


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