Going Medieval with Mike Loades

This Monday, February 20th, Mike Loades author of Swords and Swordsmen is hosting “Going Medieval” a two-hour special for History Channel 2.

To watch the show, tune in to H2 at 10pm PT | 8pm MT | 9pm CT | 10pm ET.

After watching it on Monday night, we would love to hear what you thought about the special!

“In this two-hour special, historian and weapons expert Mike Loades will take us on a high energy, action filled, fact rich rampage through the medieval world. Along the way Mike will separate myth from reality and find out what it was really like to live, work, and fight through this extraordinary time.”

8 thoughts on “Going Medieval with Mike Loades

  1. It was very interesting and exciting in the usual Loades action-filled style. However, he didn’t once mention religion or the church. You can’t really discuss the middle ages without the all-encompassing influence of Christianity. Those knights didn’t just sudenly decide to go on the crusades.

  2. As of now, there is no scheduled showing again, but it wouldn’t hurt to check the listings every once in a while. It does look like History Channel 2 is currently selling the DVD of the series as well.

  3. April 21, 2012. I just caught the last 30 minutes of this program. It was so interesting and I’d like to see it all the way through. But I can’t seem to find out when it will be aired again, on any channel. I am a female and I found it exceedingly interesting. Of course he could probably do a series of these dealing with more aspects of Medieval life. It was well presented and highly informative. I’m bummed I missed it from the beginning!

  4. this should be a series. i just love watching this man. ive seen him on other shows, and he’s always the most engaging personality.
    ive never been very interested in the middle ages, but when Mike is talking, Im listening! He deserves his own show. more, more, more!

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