Arms of Little Value – Now Available

We’re pleased to announce Arms of Little Value: The Challenge of Insurgency and Global Instability in the Twenty-First Century is now available from Casemate Publishers.

This important new work examines the root causes of instability and insurgency around the world, from the perspective of how the United States can maintain—through its principles and power—a world community dedicated to hope for free peoples rather than despotism. A 26-year veteran of the CIA, and before that the US military, the author illuminates a veritable historical tour of great-power struggles against less-advantaged populations. He does not believe  that the US has always used its “hard power” wisely, but earnestly believes that the New World—with proper application of its strength—can still stand as a beacon for the old one, and perhaps far more for those who still struggle to reach modernity.

In reference to his new work, author G.L. Lamborn writes,

Arms of Little Value is a cry in the wilderness to policy makers, senior officers, and citizens to think before they leap into the turmoil of an insurgency – a formless kind of warfare for which we as a nation are poorly equipped. The ‘American way of war’ is based on high technology and costly equipment that have little relevance to insurgency. By contrast, internal wars are fought using political and cultural skills that are in short supply in our armed forces – precisely the blind spot in our military preparedness.

We have seen our country attempt to use its mainly conventional armed forces to achieve decisive results in internal wars four times in living memory (Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.) Because our approach is inappropriate to these conflicts, the outcome has been less than satisfactory. It grieves me that young soldiers and Marines have to die because our policymakers and ill advised about foreign realities, our military chieftains often are uncomprehending about the nature of irregular warfare, and the American public is frankly ignorant of world history, geography, and foreign languages.

Through Arms of Little Value, I hope to reach the policy makers and senior Defense Department officials who make the decisions that send young soldiers to die in defense of what?

This book will be disturbing to many; indeed it frankly will upset some people. It is far from comforting, and it is not intended to be comforting. Rather, it is an unvarnished look at the fundamental flaws and shortcomings in the “American way of war” that lead us to make unwise policy choices and then use a totally wrong approach, fully expecting that somehow this time our high-tech way of war will be successful.”


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