When Washington Burned – Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that When Washington Burned: An Illustrated History of the War of 1812 is now available from Casemate Publishers!

The first in an all new line of full-color illustrated works, this book describes the battles that raged from the wilderness to our coastlines to our high seas in the War of 1812.

To learn more about this great book, we talked to author Arnold Blumberg and his research into the War of 1812.

How much research did you do for the book? Can you give us some tips on this?

Many hours were spent tracking down material that was pertinent to what I wanted to say in the book. Once you know what you want to achieve through the writing, ex., description of military actions, the personality of a historical character, etc., then you can zero in on what material will best achieve that result.

What fascinates you in revisiting the past and bringing it to life in a book? Have you always been interested in history?

The interest in the subject you tackle, and the desire to tell a compelling and accurate story, which may perhaps add something to the historical record, is a great incentive to write history.

What do you like most about your book? Why should we read it?

The story of American and English soldiers fighting bravely, and many times under very difficult conditions for what they truly believed in. I hope by reading the book readers will realize the huge scope of the conflict known as the War of 1812, and America, despite her unpreparedness, and lack of a professional army, fought the good fight, and if she did not win the war, she certainly did not lose it.

Make sure to get your own copy of this incredible and fascinating work here.



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