Jack Womer in Holland

During the third week of September, Jack Womer, author of Fighting with the Filthy Thirteen, traveled to Holland to be the guest of honor at a few events commemorating Operation Market-Garden (the Battle for Holland, Sept. 1944).

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Jack had an incredible time and co-author Steve DeVito told us about one of Jack’s favorite memories from the trip:

You may recall the section of the Womer book (pages 217-218) that describes how some nuns wanted to make him breakfast, and how Jack ended-up making the nuns breakfast (pancakes) in the kitchen of their convent.  Well, some men over in Holland who are Womer fans and who read the book prior to Jack’s arrival tried researching the specific location of the convent.  Neither Jack or I could pinpoint the town in Holland in which the convent was located, but based on the approximate date of when he met up with the nuns (about Sept. 24, 1944), we figured it had to be in either Veghel, Eindhoven, or Son.  The men narrowed it down to three convents, one in each of these three towns.   When Jack arrived in Holland they took him to each place (convent), and Jack positively identified the convent in Son as the one where he made pancakes for the nuns.  It is now a hotel, but the building looks the same.

Before they went inside Jack told the guys exactly where the kitchen was located.  They went inside and spoke with the manager, and the manager brought them to the kitchen.  It was exactly where Jack said it would be.  While the kitchen has since been remodeled, the size and shape of the room has remained the same, in addition to its location  The manager of the hotel confirmed that the building was a convent during World War II, and even showed them photos (taken circa 1940s) of nuns working in the kitchen. I have some photos of Jack standing in the same kitchen in which he made pancakes for the nuns in September of 1944.  It made jack quite happy, and that is all he could talk about throughout his stay in Holland.

The most rewarding thing for me that has resulted from this book is that it has brought a lot of people (old and young, and from all over the world) together that otherwise would never have gotten together.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me, and how much joy it has given to Jack and his family.


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