New Paperback Releases

We’re excited to announce that these Casemate titles are now available in paperback!  If you didn’t get to read these great books the first time around, now is the perfect time to add them to your collection.


Read some of the great reviews of these books below:

1781: The Decisive Year of the Revolutionary War by Robert Tonsetic

“Few books cover the last year of the war, and those that do usually focus on just Yorktown. Tonsetic uses a broad approach, showing how events fit together in the Carolinas, New York, and Virginia. He not only covers military events, but diplomacy as well. Key negotiations were underway in Europe that affected strategy and actions in America. The epilogue reviews what happened later to the major players, and shows connections to later events…. It was a year filled with highs and lows for both sides, and none could have predicted the dramatic ending in Virginia, a state without a single British soldier on its soil when the year began. Readers who want to learn how events in the various theaters tied together during this crucial year will enjoy the book.”
– Journal of America’s Military Past

Holy Wars: 3000 Years in the Holy Land

“…selection of battles and campaigns is good and comprehensive…. is one of the best surveys of the Holy Land I have ever run across and I am certainly glad I did. This book should be on the shelf of anyone who seeks to understand the history behind the hatreds evidenced in modern Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank”
– Military, Battles and Book Reviews

Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany by Richard Lucas

“Arguably one of the more odious civilian figures to emerge from World War II was an American woman who broadcast radio propaganda aimed at U.S. troops. . . . What created the monster named Axis Sally? Mr. Lucas makes much of the deprivations suffered by a failed actress, and her frantic quest for fame.”
—The Washington Times

If Chaos Reigns: The Near-Disaster and Ultimate Triumph of the Allied Airborne Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944 by Flint Whitlock

“Vietnam veteran and former U.S. Army paratrooper Flint Whitlock has written a gem of a book that highlights the ‘fog of war’ as seen by American. British and Canadian airborne units when they parachuted behind enemy lines to be the vanguard of the D-Day invasion….What makes Whitlock’s book such a good read is his no-holds-barred style of writing that accurately depicts the combat that these “devils in baggy pants” endured.  The fighting described is intense and savage….Another wonderful aspect of the book is the lesser-known battles that were fought, especially by the Canadians, who have received scant recognition for their tremendous contributions to the campaign….Whitlock’s book is a worthy tribute to the airborne and glider units that spearheaded the D-Day invasion….”
– WWII History Magazine


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