Inside Combat Rescue

Tonight at 10:00 pm, the National Geographic Channel will be premiering a six-part event entitled Inside Combat Rescue.

This show will chronicle the lives and missions of members of the Air Force’s elite Pararescue team.   Pararescue members (also called PJs) have one goal: to rescue and return American or Allied forces in extreme danger or duress.  All PJs live by the motto, These Things We Do, That Others May Live.

GASince the release of our fantastic title Guardian Angel: Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue, the World’s Most Powerful Commando Rescue Force by William Sinewe’re ecstatic to learn that the courageous and selfless men in this division are receiving the attention that they deserve.

Participating in some of the most dangerous and impossible rescue missions in the world, Inside Combat Rescue, like Guardian Angel,  is sure to be a thrilling and eye-opening look into the previously undocumented Air Force division.

To read an excerpt from and learn more about Guardian Angel, visit our previous post on it here.

View the trailer for Inside Combat Rescue below:


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