Pen and Sword’s Fiction Line is Here – Now Available in Print and eBook!


Pen and Sword…One of the leading Military Publishers in the UK has recently launched their own fiction imprint called Claymore Press.

This imprint includes a variety of well-researched historical fiction ranging from Ancient Rome to World War I. These engaging stories bring the reader into the action that surrounded the various times and places where true historic accounts occurred.

The following titles are now available in Print and eBook:

9781781590645Blockade Runner
David Kent-Lemon

It is 1861. Tom Wells is in pursuit of a girl from North Carolina. He accepts an offer from his employer to leave the quiet obscurity of his job as an office boy in a London shipping firm to cross the Atlantic to Nassau in the Bahamas. Now he must face the hazards of the Union blockade of the Confederate ports in the American Civil War. Tom’s bravado may help him with the dangers of running the blockade, but how will he cope with the conflicting issues of love, loyalty and morality as he becomes entangled with a lady of easy virtue in Nassau?

Tom’s adventures take him through the perilous triangle between Nassau, Charleston and Wilmington NC, where he must smuggle arms and munitions through a gauntlet of Union warships to the Southern ports, bringing cotton and tobacco back to Nassau.

eBook available from the following vendors:

9781781590713Coming Home
Roy E. Stolworthy

A brutally honest portrayal of the realities of war, this novel relays the story of fifteen-year-old Thomas Elkin as he engages in the First World War. A tale of conflict, both global and personal, and of redemption, this novel has the potential to rank alongside the best of retrospective First World War literature. Accepting the blame for the accidental death of his recently conscripted brother, Elkin switches identity with his dead sibling and enters into the fray of the conflict. His burning ambition is to die a glorious death in his brother’s name.

Believing that in fully submitting to the reality of war he is atoning for his sins, he faces all the attendant horrors with a steel will and a poignant resignation.

His personal conflict sees itself mirrored in the wider events and soon the two are inextricably linked raising issues of mortality, morality, guilt and faith. This novel enacts the kind of existential crises experienced on the battlefield with the constant threat of the imminent and fatal danger a companion.

eBook available from the following retailers:

9781781590782 The Reichsbank Robbery
Colin Roderick Fulton

In February 1945, the US Air Force dropped over 2,250 tons of bombs on the German capital.  The Reichsbank, Germany’s state bank, received 21 direct hits. This left the building badly damaged its vaults unsafe.

The German authorities decided to take most of the Reichsbank’s treasure away and hide it for safekeeping. Some $200 million US in gold bars plus much of the paper currency reserves and a great deal of foreign currency was sent in trains from Berlin. All this loot was placed in a salt mine at a place called Merkers. After this disaster, the Germans spent the next six weeks transferring their remaining bullion and currency reserves around what remained of the Reich in armored trains. Much of the treasure actually either ended up back in Berlin, was stolen, disappeared or, was captured, mainly by American troops and the SS.

This novel, by Colin Roderick Fulton, imagines one plot, which could have been enacted around this time. The mystery surrounding the locations and ultimate destiny of the liberated treasures provides fertile ground on which to impose such a fiction.

eBook available from the following vendors:

9781781590843Spartacus: Talons of an Empire
Robert Southworth

This enthralling piece of work by first-time novelist Robert Southworth explores the avenue history could have run down if Spartacus had survived the slave rebellion in 73BC, an uprising whose aftermath didn’t deliver the remains of the famous slave leader. The brute force of this famous figure of Roman history is relayed, and the events of the period re-imagined to great effect. The work is sure to appeal to fans of Roman history, as well as those enamored by stories of action and adventure. Whilst the figure of Spartacus continues to hold massive appeal for contemporary audiences, this work offers a fresh vision of the Roman era; a dark and brutal reenactment of high gladiatorial drama.

eBook available from the following retailers:


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