Military Books – Available FREE from the iOS App Store Now!

One of our great distribution publishers has launched a new app that takes searching for military history eBooks to a new level.  Read their press release about this great app below:

A new way of reading illustrated military books…

If you’re an illustrated military books enthusiast, you’ll know that there is currently very little available for you ro read as an eBook, and the readers available that are available don’t provide an enjoyable reading experience.

Military Books is a free download from the iOS App Store. You can browse the app’s bookshelves in the same way you would a bookshop, and view some of the pages. Buying a book puts it on your own shelf (My Books) for instant reference. You can use the inbuilt e-reader to zoom into the pages and look at the photographs and artworks in fantastic detail – it’s a reading experience that’s even better than a printed book!The app also contains Free Kit – artworks, photographs, text and much more – that is yours for absolutely no cost. You don’t even have to buy a book to get it! Plus you get the opportunity to interact with other military book enthusiasts and even make suggestions for future titles!


Amber Books is a military publisher based in Islington, London. Their apps can be found at or on their website:

The History Press is a publisher based in Stroud, UK and their Spellmount imprint is a launch partner for Military Books. Their website it

Contact Charles for more info by email at

‘We intend Military Books to become the destination of choice for anyone interested in illustrated military books. For the reader, the app is simple to use, and a fantastic way to see a book’s photographs, maps and illustrations in great detail. For military publishers, it is an inexpensive, fast and secure way to get highly illustrated print content available online’ – Charles Catton, Publishing Manager, Amber Books Ltd.


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