Tony Blackman’s Dire Strait – Now Available in Print and eBook!

We’re pleased to announce that Tony Blackman’s newest fiction title Dire Strait: A Tale of Murder, Mayhem and Skulduggery is now available in print and eBook from all major retail sites!

9781612002262Dire Strait
A Tale of Murder, Mayhem and Skulduggery

Tony Blackman, has written a very unusual story about a mystery submarine in the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea. A Royal Australian Air Force aircraft is lost in the Torres Strait and the wreckage is found by a Royal Air Force aircraft on an exercise with the Australians. It becomes clear that the Australian and UK Governments are keeping secrets from one another and the problem is compounded as the United States is also involved. Peter Talbert, helped by Mary the RAF’s aircraft navigator with a special security clearance, gradually discovers what is really happening and helps to avert what might have become a global fight.

eBook available from the following sites:

Dire Strait is the sixth book in a series featuring Peter Talbert, insurance investigator. To catch up with the other five great titles, continue below for more information.

9781612001692Blind Landing
Sydney to London Dead Stop

Blind Landing is a detective mystery aviation thriller about the latest super jumbo aircraft that crashes at London Airport after a non-stop flight from Sydney. The story is woven around an aviation expert, Peter Talbert, his lawyer girl friend and the beautiful girl on the beach in Sydney who gives Peter the information he needs. The technology of the book is right up to date but the story is told in a way that makes it very readable to the non-aviation aficianado.

9781612001708The Final Flight
A Bermuda Triangle Mystery

This book is a Bermuda Triangle Mystery. A modern airliner flying from the Caribbean to Bermuda carrying 10 priceless impressionist paintings disappears near Bermuda. Peter Talbert, aviation expert and working for the airline, investigates the loss of the aircraft. He meets an art insurance specialist who has no time for all the aviation experts making technical guesses of the problem but she finally realises that she must work with Peter if she has any chance of discovering what has happened. Together they watch the progress of the search, consider the circumstances and finally all is revealed. This book is the second of an ongoing series of aviation mysteries featuring Peter Talbert and Mandy, his solicitor partner, and will appeal to all who fly, not just aviation enthusiasts.


The Right Choice
An Aviation Story of Deceit and Disaster

The Right Choice describes a competition between two manufacturers trying to sell their latest aircraft to an airline in the Philippines, both firms desperate to win. In the real world many tales are told about how such competitions are won and lost using every trick available. The contest in this book describes such a competition and the enormous pressures on the sales teams and demonstration pilots to win. The competing aircraft have to fly into small airfields in monsoon weather conditions, the critical airfield being on the side of a volcano surrounded by hills. Peter Talbert, aviation expert, is asked by the airine’s insurance company to evaluate not only the airline but also the aircraft and finds himself a key player in the middle of the fight. Underhand methods are used in an attempt to win an advantage and the resulting deceit ends in disaster. This book is the third of an ongoing series of aviation mysteries featuring Peter Talbert and Mandy, his solicitor partner , and will appeal to all who fly, not just aviation enthusiasts.

9781612001722Flight to St. Antony
Aviation Mystery

Flight to St Antony is a modern accurate aviation mystery/thriller where the detective Peter Talbert, an aviation insurance expert, is instrumental in solving the reason why an airliner with over two hundred people on board is forced to ditch at night in the Caribbean near the island of St Antony. There are only a few survivors, all from the rear of the aircraft and they were saved through the efforts of two stewardesses. Talbert is helped in his investigation by one of the stewardesses but the situation is complicated by the disappearance of one of the two crash recorders and the incorrect operation of the other. In addition a well know criminal and drug runner was travelling in the aircraft. By travelling to San Francisco, Seattle and back to the UK Talbert starts to gather valuable clues as to what might have happened. The stewardess is kidnapped and Peter not only manages to find and rescue her but also discovers the missing recorder. However the vital memory module with the conversation between the pilots is missing. Modern airliners are incredibly safe and it takes all Peter’s expertise and understanding of human nature finally to establish what really happened.

9781612001739Now You See It
And Now You Don’t

This book is the fifth in an aviation mystery series featuring Peter Talbert insurance investigator. Two aircraft crash in fog on opposite sides of the World, in New York and Hong Kong. Talbert discovers that things are lot more complicated and dangerous than they seem. Meanwhile he applies to be Chairman of the new UK Transport Safety Board but again deceit is in evidence. The reader accompanies Talbert as he travels to Australia three times in tragedy and renewal, as he flies across Greenland and Iceland, and as he tries to sort his own life out as well as the aircraft.

To learn more about Tony Blackman, visit his site at and read our previous interview with him here.


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