The Tigers of Bastogne – Now Available from Casemate!


We’re excited to announce that Tigers of Bastogne: Voices of the 10th Armored Division in the Battle of Bastogne is now available from Casemate!

In The Tigers of Bastogne, authors Martin King and Michael Collins detail the travails of the young armored division, which found itself subject to the full brunt of Manteuffel’s Fifth Panzer Army in the Ardennes. At first overwhelmed, and then falling back to protect the vital crossroads, the 10th Armored was reinforced by the Screaming Eagles, and its men and tanks went on to contribute largely to America’s victory in its largest battle of the war.

King and Collins are currently on their East Coast Book Tour and you can catch them at the following events:

On June 4th from 12:00 -14:00, the Army Heritage Center Foundation will host Michael Collins and Martin King for a lecture and book signing at the Foundation’s Museum Store within the Visitor and Education Center at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle. From there, they will be hosted by the DC Roundtable, Hershey Historical Society Hummelstown, PA, at 19:00.

On June 5th King and Collins will be at the USAF Fort Dix at 14:30 for a lecture and tour.

To learn more about Martin King, make sure to visit his facebook page and to view the video they created for The Tigers of Bastogne, visit here.


3 thoughts on “The Tigers of Bastogne – Now Available from Casemate!

  1. I managed to get my hands on a copy last weekend. This is the ultimate account of that famous siege. Collins and King have done it again. It’s written with consummate skill, meticulous attention to detail and is chock full of actual veteran accounts and previously unseen photographs. You don’t KNOW Bastogne until you’re read this.

  2. These guys are the best thing to happen to military history in a generation. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Voices of the Bulge’ and this is also great. The Tigers of Bastogne delivers the goods and gets right to the heart of the battle. I saw Mike and Martin present their book ‘live’ at USAF Fort Dix and receive a well deserved standing ovation for a tremendous oratory. They are the BEST in the business. No collection is complete without ‘The Tigers of Bastogne’.

    JR Willerby

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