Ice, Steel and Fire: Author Event

9781908916495Last week Helion hosted the launch of new title Ice, Steel and Fire: British Explorers in Peace and War 1921-45 at the London Club of the Rifles.

Born out of a tremendous amount of research, Ice, Steel and Fire is the brainchild of author and historian Linda Parker whose passion for the history of Polar exploration was the driving force behind this fantastic study. Polar exploration has enabled us to witness – and the intrepid to experience – the very limits at which a human can survive. ISF7It is within the pages of Parker’s new work that we see how the heroic age of Polar exploration inspired a generation of brave, and some might say foolhardy, young explorers to forge their own paths. Paths that would eventually lead them to the battlefields, beaches and jungles of World War Two where new tales of heroism would be forged.

One such character was Peter Fleming – brother to the famous Ian Fleming. A journalist for the The Spectator, Peter was also an intrepid explorer, travelling through Brazil and Asia in the early thirties before the rumblings of war took hold of Europe. It was Peter who would go on to take part in vital operations across the Far East throughout peter-fleming-port_1399510fWorld War II, specialising in feats of deception that would rival those of his brother’s Bond character. It is explorers like Peter, who cut their teeth adventuring across the world, who would prove to be some of our most valuable assets when the war unfurled itself across Europe. In her work Parker takes the reader on these fascinating journeys, from the innocent days of Antarctic exhibitions to the dark nights of the war.

For those who couldn’t attend the event we have recording of John Coster’s interview with Linda Parker available to listen to by clicking here.

To order a copy of this excellent work visit us here for the UK and pre-order here for the USA.


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