Hitler’s Wave-Breaker Concept – Now In Stock


We’re excited to announce that the latest release by author Henrik Lunde, Hitler’s Wave-Breaker Concept: An Analysis of the German End Game in the Baltic is now available from Casemate!

In this book, Lunde looks into Germany’s strategy in the north of the Soviet Union, dissecting the actions and choices of Army Group North. Lunde explains his interest in this subject in the preface of his book, where he writes:

The idea for this book goes back several decades, to when I was a student at the US Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I became curious about the question of how and why the better part of three German army groups became pinned against the Baltic Sea towards the end of World War II, and thus not available for the final defense of Germany…It is hoped that this book, by building on the research of others, will provide useful information for the student of military history on a confusing and controversial part of World War II, the outcome of which had profound consequences.

To learn more about Henrik Lunde’s Findings, get your own copy of Hitler’s Wave-Breaker Concept here.

Henrik Lunde
Henrik Lunde

Praise for Henrik Lunde’s Previous Works:

Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War

 “While it’s almost impossible to find a new book about a hitherto unexplored WWII-related subject, it’s almost as unlikely to discover a new book that turns out to be the best yet written on the topic. . . .  Henrik Lunde’s new Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War is certainly not the first book about the 1940 invasion of Norway and the battles around Narvik, but it sure looks like the best.”  – Stone and Stone

Finland’s War of Choice

“…we are used to books that highlight the strains within the Allied Coalition during the war, but Lunde makes clear things were much worse on the other side…Like the author’s previous work on the Norwegian campaign, this is likely to become the definitive book on the subject…” – Miniature Wargames


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