The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War


We’re pleased to announce that The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War: South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War is now available from Casemate!

This new release is a fascinating case study on the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, a ferocious war that went on for three months between South African Boers vs. Castro’s Armed Forces.  This book unveils a remarkable episode of the end-game of the Cold War largely unknown to the public.

To learn more about this great book, we talked to author Peter Polack about his research and interest in the subject.

Could you tell us a bit about any history of military service in your family? 

My uncle fought in World War 2 in a Canadian regiment, my father was a reserve member of the Jamaica Defense Force Air Wing. While attending boarding school in England I was an RAF cadet.

What fascinates you about revisiting the past?

I like to seek the truth and I enjoy the effect of bringing those who were forgotten back to life.

9781612001951Why did you decide to write this book?

I was first attracted to the subject matter, the Angolan civil war, then decided to attempt an independent review of the battle for Cuito Cuanavale 1987-88. I wanted to make an accurate record and memorialize the thousands of black and white Africans who died needlessly.

What do you like most about your book? Why should we read it?

I like that the conflict is recorded from different points of view. It should be read by those seeking an independent and updated view of these events.

Order your own copy of The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War here.


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