Fighting Fox Company

We’re excited to announce that Fighting Fox Company: The Battling Flank of the Band of Brothers is now available for purchase from Casemate!

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In this new release, author Terry Poyser and Bill Brown reveal the heroic actions and service of the Fox Company in the 506th Infantry Division. With never-heard stories presented directly from the words of the participants, Fighting Fox Company takes the reader into some of the most horrific close-in fighting in the war including the paratrooper drop on D-Day, the drop into Holland, and the Battle of the Bulge.

To learn more about the research and process of writing the book, we talked to author Terry Poyser about his work:

How much research did you do for the book?

I started research in 2000 while looking for information, more out of curiosity, concerning a KIA from the company who was from my home town of Napa, CA.  I looked in local newspapers from the era, interviewed the son of the KIA, contacted and interviewed, in person, all of the surviving members of his units, obtained their letters home, morning reports, jump manifests, company rosters, payroll records, maps, over 500 original photos, and took veterans from the unit back to the battlefields in France, Holland, and Belgium. I also became a member of the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team and made parachute jumps from a C-47 across the US, as well as in Normandy and Holland for the 60th Anniversary of their D-Days.

What fascinates you about revisiting the past and bringing it to life in a book?

The truth is better than fiction. Reality is surreal, and fiction is made up fantasy. I see it in my professional work, I hear it from the Veterans. These humble men did amazing things almost seventy years ago, and I feel that their sacrifice needs to be recorded for not only their families, but future generations of Americans who should appreciate the freedom they have given us.

Officers and NCO's 1943
Officers and NCO’s 1943

What prompted you to put this story down on paper?

I just has a desire to document the history of the men in the company. Not only for those interested in World War II history, but also the men who returned and those in the unit who gave their lives for our freedom. After interviewing several members of the company and reading their letters home during the war, I realized that there were some very unique things about the outfit, and some of their unknown actions would change current documented history.

What do you like most about your book? Why should we read it?

I have read hundreds of books on World War II and to my knowledge, there is no previous book with such detail and documentation published. It is the combination of the personal accounts, letters home, and army records that set the book apart from others.

You can purchase your own copy of Fighting Fox Company here.

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