A Warrior Dynasty

We’re pleased to announce the release of Henrik Lunde’s newest title A Warrior Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of Sweden as a Military Superpower, 1611-1721.


This book examines the rise of Sweden as the pre-eminent military power in Europe during the Thirty Years War in the 1600’s, and then follows its line of warrior kings into the next century until the Swedes finally meet their demise, in an overreach into the vastness of Russia.

Focusing on the Thirty Years War, which hasn’t been the subject of a book since 1969, Lunde examines the military role of Northern and Eastern Europe from the late sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century.

Ultimately, this book examines how a poor country with a population of only about 1.3 million people was able to become a military superpower against larger and more wealthy countries such as Russia, Poland, the Roman Empire, Bavaria, and Spain.

You can purchase your own copy of A Warrior Dynasty here.  The eBook edition is available from all major retailers.

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