WAR BONDS author Cindy Hval draws a huge crowd at first signing

Auntie’s Bookstore in hosted Cindy Hval’s first signing for WAR BONDS: Love Stories from the Greatest Generation on February 22.  Cindy had this message-

So thankful and humbled by the amazing turnout for the War Bonds book launch at Auntie’s yesterday.
Especially, delighted that so many family members of the couples featured in the book were in attendance.
I only wish that I’d been able to chat with all of you!
I also wish we hadn’t run out of books! But I will be signing all the books for those who pre-ordered as soon as they arrive.
I would love it if you could send me photos of yourselves reading War Bonds! You can email them to me at dchval@juno.com
Also, feel free to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.
I truly believe word-of-mouth helps to make books successful!
Thanks again for your amazing support and embrace of War Bonds.


In case you missed it, here are some more opportunities to meet Cindy:


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