Casemate UK launches new publishing program

As military history is revealed as the only history genre to grow book sales in 2014, Casemate UK launch new publishing program

Key anniversaries in 2014 sparked a revived interest in military history with book sales in the genre growing 9%. With the 2015 anniversaries of VE Day, the Battle of Britain, and Waterloo offering exciting opportunities for booksellers, is this growth set to continue? Casemate UK believe so.

2015 sees the Oxford-based military book distributor launch its own UK publishing imprint to compliment the  Casemate’s US publishing program. Focusing on British and European military history the new list will sit perfectly alongside the many specialist military history books already distributed by Casemate UK.

The bestselling European military history books for 2015?


Wellington’s Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo – In time for the 200th anniversary comes an original account of the previously unacknowledged crucial role that the Netherland forces played in averting defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, including a controversial assessment of Wellington and his army.

The Battle of Britain: An Epic Conflict Revisited – In time for the 75th anniversary this will be the most thorough, expert examination of the topic available. Illustrated with numerous maps & rare photos, it reviews the battle as seldom seen before.

War’s Nomads: A Mobile Radar Unit in Pursuit of Rommel during the Western Desert Campaign, 1942–3
An intimate account shedding light on a key but little known aspect of the Eighth Army’s Western Desert Campaign – the first in British military history in which the RAF and the army collaborated so closely.

Gold Run: The Rescue of Norway’s Gold Bullion from the Nazis, 1940 – A tale of immense bravery, endurance and great leadership against overwhelming odds in one of the greatest gold snatches in history.

The Most Dangerous Moment of the War: Japan’s Attack on the Indian Ocean, 1942A gripping account of Japan’s great raid on the Indian Ocean in 1942, an advance that could have threatened wholesale defeat for the British, and which Churchill described as ‘The most dangerous moment of the war’.

Ghost Patrol: A History of the Long Range Desert Group, 1940–1945 – An accessible and entertaining new history of the Long Range Desert Group, forerunner of the SAS, famous for their exploits in the Desert War, and full of memorable characters and archetypal British heroes.

About Casemate UK:
Part of the Casemate Group, Casemate UK is a specialist military history publisher and book distributor in the UK, European and Commonwealth markets. They have recently opened a military history books showroom in Oxford. More information can be found at

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