Author Robert Curtis, United States Exchance Pilot , visits 846 NAVAL AIR SQUADRON



Two time Casemate author (SURPRISED AT BEING ALIVE and TYPHOON TRUCE) and RETIRED United States Army Major, Robert Curtis, returned to RNAS Yeovilton to visit 846 Naval Air Squadron where he served as a US exchange pilot from 1983 to 1985.

After a meeting with the Commanding Officer of 846 NAS, Lt Col Derek Stafford, a tour of the new building and the opportunity to take a look around the Merlin Mk3 aircraft, Robert also enjoyed a tour of 847 NAS and the new Wildcat AH1.

Robert said,

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with 846 Squadron and loved flying the Sea King, it will be sad to see her retired. The new aircraft operated by CHF are a marked change, most definitely aircraft for the computer generation!”

While serving with 846 NAS, Robert had combat assault training in Egypt, the Netherlands, numerous locations throughout the United Kingdom and extreme cold weather training in Norway.

With over 5000 hours – “mishap free” as he says in his recently released book ‘Surprised at Being Alive’ – on a wide range of aircraft including the Sea King Mk4, Robert served with the US Army, the US Army National Guard, the US Marine Corps and the Royal Navy. Robert also has 980 hours of combat flight time in Vietnam as the Aircraft Commander of a CH-47C.

Robert’s book tells of his thrilling helicopter exploits with four Armed Services, including the Royal Navy, bringing together stories and memoirs from over 5000 flying hours and from many different countries, the book brings to life the dangers and thrills of life as a helicopter pilot.

After presenting a copy of his book to 846 NAS, Robert said.

“It has been great to visit 846 and 847 Naval Air Squadron to see the new Merlin and Wildcat aircraft, and to hear the enthusiasm of the pilots for these aircraft is wonderful.”

 RF Curtis-LtCol Derek Stafford-6.71

  1. CH1500320047 – Robert Curtis and Lt Col Derek Stafford
  2. CH1500320059 – Lt Ollie Trowman, Mariellen Curtis, Robert Curtis and Lt Col Derek Stafford

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