Warm welcome at the Delhi Book Fair

So far Casemate has found their first time exhibiting at the Delhi Book Fair to be a huge success. Both the public and the trade have offered Casemate an extraordinary welcome into this market and have expressed a real thirst for publications within our subject areas

While we only had a small selection of books on the stand, within the first two days we sold over half of the them. There are some keen military history enthusiasts here and I’ve had a number of interesting conversations with readers, some being retired from the military, and others just really happy to see books on subjects they haven’t been able to get ahold of easily. It became obvious rather quickly that Casemate is able to offer readers here books about well known subject areas with a new, thought provoking perspective. More than one visitor to the stand commented on how bookshops here don’t carry much in the way of military history and expressed a desire to see our books more readily available in shops here. One man came back three times and purchased six books and will be ordering more from us in the future. Another customer was excited to see that we had volume three of ‘Barbarossa Derailed’ on the stand, as he had previously purchased volumes one and two online from Amazon, and bought volume three from us.

The three Allison & Busby books I had on the stand all sold very quickly. Crime and mystery fiction seems to be very popular from the comments offered.

Additionally, in terms of Oxbow/Casemate Academic, archaeology, particularly Middle East archaeology is quite popular, especially with the level of government sponsorship that is offered to university archaeology departments.

We look forward to the rest of the fair!


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