Upcoming Events for NAM SENSE Author Art Wiknik

Arthur Wiknik’s memoir NAM SENSE – Surviving the Vietnam War with the 101st Airborne Division has been on the market for several years and it continues to resonate with a wide range of readers as well as being recognized by the entertainment industry.  Based on the strength of NAM SENSE, in 2008 Arthur provided filmed commentary for Lionsgate Films 20th Anniversary DVD on the making of the movie Hamburger Hill.  In 2011, Arthur appeared on the History Channel special Vietnam in HD and in 2012, he appeared on Discovery’s Military Channel show An Officer and a Movie with Lou Diamond Phillips.  Also, for three years running, Arthur has been a backstage guest of country superstar Toby Keith at his Connecticut concerts.

In 2010, Arthur was featured in the Scholastic educational book VIETNAM – The Bloodbath at Hamburger Hill which was especially written for middle school and high school students to help them gain an understanding of the Vietnam War.  Lastly, for the past two years, NAM SENSE is required reading in a military history class at Trinity College in West Hartford, CT.

On April 17, 2016 Arthur gave  a reading at the Between Rounds Café in Vernon, CT and on June 4, 2016 he will be at the Middlesex County Author Fair at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT.


Additional information can be found at www.namsense.com


Here’s what people are saying about NAM SENSE…

“Namsense is an honest and realistic account of not only the author’s tour of duty but the tours of other Vietnam soldiers as well. I feel honored to have Arthur as an occasional guest on my radio show and my listeners are all the better for it.”
Lee Elci WXLM New London, CT

“As a member of Sergeant Wiknik’s squad, I found Namsense to be an authentic and absorbing narrative that resonates with every combat GI’s story of survival in Vietnam.”
Howard Siner, Staten Island Advance

“…the best, most accurate portrayal of the life of an Infantryman in Vietnam… A family member, girlfriend, or fiancée of a soldier who went to Vietnam will find this book most illuminating. For all the rest of you, if you read only one book about a soldier’s life in Vietnam, read NamSense!”
Col. Gene Sherron,

“…provides an unflinching look at a year in the life of a grunt on Vietnam…”
Military History of the West, Volume 40


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