Texans at Gettysburg

The authors  of Fonthill’s TEXANS AT GETTYSBURG: Blood and Glory with Hood’s Texas Brigade, Randy Dais and Joe Owen had a great week so far. Sunday started with a book signing at Battlefields and Beyond Bookstore in Gettysburg, PA. Today the Civil War News sent their July Issue which included a comprehensive new review:

“…a compendium of the historical record of these experiences, skillfully assembled and lightly edited…The veterans’ recollections of Gettysburg are the heart of the book and, though repetitive at times, generally interesting. I found the accounts of personal bravery of some of Hood’s men inspiring. Several of the veterans’ stories of death and suffering at Gettysburg are also poignant, even a century and a half later…The strength of Texans at Gettysburg is that it presents personal, sometimes gripping, accounts of some of the most intense fighting in that great battle. The recollections of Hood’s old brigade also add an individual dimension to a grand, impersonal battle that involved over 170,000 men and left an estimated 50,000 of them casualties…I recommend this book to readers interested in Gettysburg, and particularly the experiences of the Texans and Arkansans who fought there.”

Pages from cwn–july 2016 book reviews


Above photo- from Left, Randy Drais, Middle –  Bernadette Loeffel-Atkins (bookshop owner), Right – Joe Owen.


Texans at Gettysburg is available at Casemate Publishers   and everywhere fins books are sold

Publisher :Fonthill Media
ISBN : 9781625450609
Pages : 240

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