The Coast Guard Celebrates 226 Years of Service

Today marks the 226th anniversary of the creation of the US Coast Guard.

Responsible for maritime rescue, drug interdiction, smuggling prevention, and humanitarian aid distribution, the Coast Guard traces its history to August 4, 1790.  From the Napoleonic Wars through modern day conflicts, the Coast Guard has secured our waters and protected our coasts, and served along side the Navy in everything from providing escort to manning warships. We thank and salute the Coast Guard for the service.

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Casemate is proud to have worked with author Ken Wiley on his memoir, D-DAYS IN THE PACIFIC With the US Coast Guard: The Story of the Lucky Thirteen.

Ken Wiley, a Coast Guardsman on an Attack Transport in the Pacific,  participated in the campaigns for the Marshall Islands, the Marianas the Philippines and Okinawa, and  conveys the terror and horrors of war, as well as, on occasion, the thrill, while not neglecting the humor and camaraderie of wartime life. He spends his free time these days as the President of the Appalachian High Country WWII Round Table, to recognize and honor all WWII veterans.    Ken and his group also educate  our youth about the sacrifices made for us by our veterans.  Our veterans are living history books.  Our goal is to “use” them to bring out the true facts of what occurred during this dire time in our history and pass them on to the youth of today.


What People are saying about Ken Wiley’s D-DAYS IN THE PACIFIC With the US Coast Guard: The Story of the Lucky Thirteen

Winner of the 2008 Foundation for Coast Guard History Book Award

“… A personable and engaging tale of World War II from an oft-overlooked point of view.”

–Midwest Book Review

“.. It’s quite a different view of the war, interesting and well worth reading. And keep in mind that the kid who got his parents permission to go into the Coast Guard was only 17. Within a very few years, he was a full fledged man, still too young to drink or vote, but a man.”

–Books On Line

“The author knows whereof he speaks.As a coastguard LCVP coxswain, he served in amphibious assaults from the Marshalls and Marinas, to the Philipines and Okinawa. His tale cogently imparts both fear and certain dark humor of war.”

“For unknown reasons, there are virtually no first person books by or about US Coast Guard coxswains in World War II. Ken Wiley corrects that oversight with LUCKY THIRTEEN, a book to be treasured.”
–WWII History Magazine

“…provides a valuable service in expanding our knowledge of exactly how World War II’s massive amphibious operations were undertaken.”
–The U.S. Coast Guard Reservist

“…This very-well written and organized account of D-Days in the Pacific with the US Coast Guard should appeal to both scholars and the general public and should be in every library of every World War II and Coast Guard historian.”
–Journal of Military History

“…an engaging, honest account of boys becoming men in a dangerous and utterly unpredictable environment.”
–Military History of the West

“…an ideal book for the younger generation, veterans, recruits, and Officer Candidates. Lucky Thirteen is highly recommended”
–Journal of Slavic Military Studies
“…a well-written and equally well-illustrated memoir of life aboard an LST during World War II, a role the Coast Guard played which is often overlooked by history texts today… unprecedented contribution to the field of Coast Guard History…”
–Foundation for Coast Guard History

“…fills the gaps of the Coast Guard’s significant and important role during World War II and the officers and men of the Coast Guard’s contribution to victory in the Pacific.”
–Steamboat Historical Society
“Despite this being first and foremost a book about war against a savage and unforgiving enemy, the book is uplifting. It’s an enjoyable and thoughtful journey we have watching Ken Wiley change from a boy to a seasoned fighting man, all within the short period of just over two years.”

“…well illustrated and detailed first hand account of the amphibious war waged against fanatical Japanese opposition.”
–Soldier Magazine UK

“If like me you have an interest in the landing craft of WW2, then this book really is a worthwhile read, and to gain an understanding of how it felt to operate them, and the pride in doing a job right. There were so many D-Days in the island hopping campaigns of the Pacific war”
–Military Modelling
“…delightfully written with an engaging mix of humor, modesty, information and character sketches.”
–Miniature Wargames(UK)

“…brings the reader close to the experiences… a real understanding of the brutal yet bonding nature of war at the sharp end.”
–Military Illustrated(UK)

“What this book does better than most is personalize how the war is fought by teenagers with enormous responsibilities far beyond their years. Ken never glamorizes war or self aggrandizes despite a number of heroic actions in which he is personally involved…a great book…”
–Military Magazine

“…well written and illustrated with photographs and excellent drawings of life aboard ship by one of the shipmates.”
–The Hook

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