Fun times with old friends

Casemate author Robert Curtis , SURPRISED AT BEING ALIVE: An Accidental Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam and Beyond and   THE TYPHOON TRUCE 1970: Three Days in Vietnam when Nature Intervened in the War  is Just back from a weekend of Huey flying down in WV.

It was a reunion -numerous friends from Vietnam and the Marine Corps showed up, as well as vets, their kids and grandkids.

Robert tells us that at least 6 former pilots got  back on the flight controls. All  had a great time!

Now Robert is off to  Athens for a 30-day cruise around the Mediterranean to comparing the ports he visited on a Navy ship with how they look from a cruise ship 30 years later. Sounds like hard work!


Three Vietnam pilots, Jim Scott left, Robert  second from left, and Mike Holbrook, second from right, with a private helicopter pilot, Mike Carr, at the right, a former Marine who Robert flew with, Kevin Smith next to him. Jim Scott flew with Robert in Vietnam during the “Typhoon Truce” period.





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