The History Behind Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts released their new first-person shooter game Battlefield 1 earlier this week. Set during World War I,  this game is on track to be the most popular video game release of the year.

While Battlefield 1 does a great job creating a storyline based on the landscapes and campaigns of World War I, the historical context of the game is a bit thin.

We pulled together some recommended books that will give you a wider knowledge of the history behind each chapter of game-play. Just click on a book’s cover to read more information about each title on our website.

Currently on a specific chapter of the game? Jump to each specific one by clicking on the links below:

Storm of Steel Through Mud & Blood Friends in High Places
Avanti Savoia The Runner Nothing is Written


As the prologue of the game, Storm of Steel, focuses on the harsh realities of war. Transporting into the body of an allied soldier on the frontline offensive against Germany, the narration states, “You are not expected to survive.”

There were no winners in the Great War, only death and destruction on both sides. The following titles are a great introductory overview of the battles that were fought and the damage that remained after the conflict had ended.




Through Mud & Blood is set during the Battle of Cambrai, which was fought between the British and German Army. This battle marked the first time that tanks were used in a large-scale attack during war.

Read more about the use and influence of Tanks during the great war, particularly during the Battle of Cambrai, with the books below:



tank-action with-the-tanks mud


Friends in High Places takes into the cockpit as an American aviator. The famous British Bombers and German Zeppelins take the main stage in this chapter as you soar through aerial exercises, raids and assaults

The use of aviation was integral to the Great War. Read more about the fighters, aircraft, and squadrons with the books below:





Set in Northern Italy during the Italian Campaign, Avanti Savoia tells the story of two brothers taking part in an offensive against an Austro-Hungarian fortress.

Some of the following titles overview World War I on the Italian Front while the others give an example of families torn apart during the war:


The Runner puts you into the shoes of an Australian message runner during the Gallipoli Campaign. This chapter includes the landing on the Ottoman beaches, the British advance and retreat, plus the assault of artillery fire.

Read more about the Gallipoli Campaign with the following photo histories, memoirs, and battle studies.


The last chapter of the game puts you in the Arab Revolt to secure independence from Ottoman rule with the assistance of British intelligence officer T.E. Lawrence.

A fascinating person and military officer, the life of T.E. Lawrence is covered in the titles below:

Want more books?

We have over 1000 titles on The War To End All Wars, that will expand your knowledge about the history behind Battlefield 1.

View All of Our World War I Titles Here


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