Now Available: Special Forces Berlin

Special Forces BerlinWe are excited to announce that Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operation of the US Army’s Elite, 1956-1990 is now available from Casemate Publishers!

Written by former member James Stejskal, Special Forces Berlin tells the little known and highly classified story of a US Army Special Forces detachment that was covertly stationed in Berlin, Germany from 1956 to 1990.

Fluent in German and skilled in sabotage, covert operations, and intelligence gathering, this detachment was poised to act if war ever broke out between the West and the Soviet Union.

With recent declassification by the US department of defense in just 2014, their extraordinary story can now be told and shared with a wide audience.

Read a chapter sample of Special Forces Berlin.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall
November 10, 1989 – The Wall Falls (Author’s collection)

Want to learn more about James Stejskal? Read more at the following links:

Special Forces Berlin is available from Casemate and where all books are sold.

$32.95 | hardback | 336 pages | 16pp. photographs | 9781612004440

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