Veterans’ Day, 2014

To All Readers,   For those of you familiar with Casemate Publishers we trust it’s been clear enough that we honor every individual who has sacrificed the comfort of their own hearths and home to fight for their country. However, this Veterans’ Day has been especially important to us due to all the cross-currents of … More Veterans’ Day, 2014

Fabled Fifteen

We’re excited to announce that Fabled Fifteen: The Pacific War Saga of Carrier Air Group 15  is now available from Casemate. In this new release, author Thomas McKelvey Cleaver documents the Air Group’s six months at war, with details on their combat tour and daily life aboard the USS Essex during the Pacific War. To learn … More Fabled Fifteen

Into the Dark Water

We’re pleased to present the newest release from Casemate Publishers – Into the Dark Water: The Story of Three Officers and PT-109. This fascinating book provides the complete record of PT-109’s wartime story under the command of its three officers – Bryant Larson, Rollin Westholm, and John F. Kennedy. To learn more about the research … More Into the Dark Water

Kagero Publishing – Now Available from Casemate!

We’re excited to announce that Casemate now carries titles by Kagero Publishing! Based in Central Europe, Kagero is one of the largest publishers and distributors of military history titles. With several different series– Photosniper, Monographs, Super Drawings, Top Colors, Air Miniatures, and more — Kagero focuses on a range of topics from aircraft and warships … More Kagero Publishing – Now Available from Casemate!

Aboard the Titanic

For the second installation on the Titanic tragedy, we talked to Daniel Allen Butler about the class distinction on board of the ship. The distinction between the three classes on the Titanic has always been a main fascination for people.  Can you briefly illustrate what it was like sailing aboard the Titanic as a first … More Aboard the Titanic