The Courageous Men of Torpedo Boat Squadron 3

  UNDER THE BLOOD RUN SUN :  The remarkable story of PT boats in the Philippines and the rescue of General MacArthur by John J. Domagalski is  now available During the opening days of World War II in the Pacific, a small group of American sailors in the Philippines were propelled into the forefront of the … More The Courageous Men of Torpedo Boat Squadron 3

Meet The Author – Jay Stout

With the upcoming release of Jay Stout’s 3rd title with Casemate, Vanished Hero: The Life, War and Mysterious Disappearance of America’s WWII Strafing King, we thought we’d let you get to know the author.  Be sure to check out his other titles Unsung Eagles: True Stories of America’s Citizen Airmen in the Skies of World War II and Fortress Ploesti The Campaign … More Meet The Author – Jay Stout

The Way of the Eagle

Casemate is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest title in the Vintage Aviation Series,  The Way of the Eagle, by  Philadelphia native Charles J. Biddle.   Having graduated from the Harvard Law School in 1914, Charles John Biddle was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar and was employed by the law firm of Drinker, … More The Way of the Eagle

Civil War author fascinated by Spa City visit

James Huffstodt recently discussed his book, “Lincoln’s Bold Lion,” at Saratoga Springs History Museum. The book is about Civil War Union Brigadier General Martin D. Hardin who grew up in Saratoga Springs. He was wounded four times, lost an arm to amputation, was mentored by President Lincoln, fought at Gettysburg, and played a key role … More Civil War author fascinated by Spa City visit

The Truth about Viking berserkers

Originally Featured on  Symbolising uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, Viking berserkers were fierce warriors said to have fought in a trance-like fury. But did such people ever really exist? Here, Dr Kim Hjardar investigates… Viking Berserker figures. The one on the left is wearing a helmet with horns. His companion wears the mask of a … More The Truth about Viking berserkers

100 Years of Tanks

One hundred years ago the face of modern warfare was forever changed . On September 15, 1916, the British attacked German positions at Flers-Courcelette – part of the larger Somme offensive – with 32 tanks. The hopeful reaction to the new machines naturally spurred interest in how they had been conceived and by whom. A … More 100 Years of Tanks

Classic War Fiction reprints

Casemate has long been known for its military history, defense studies, and memoirs, yet some may not know that among many other topics, we also publish a terrific series of Classic War Fiction.  The latest installment shows  World War I  through the eyes of a father, privates,  senior officers, and a deserter, humanizing the World War I experience  in a way … More Classic War Fiction reprints

Successful Launch for OSWALD BOELCKE

RG and Carole Hoover-Head hosted a Book Launch party for for his latest work, OSWALD BOELCKE: Germany’s First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat, for close friends at their home in Coronado on 6 September. Champagne and dinner were served with wild salmon, caviar, shrimp, fruit, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Guests were greeted with a poster … More Successful Launch for OSWALD BOELCKE