A Vietnam War Cameraman Reflects on ‘The Television War’

“Tony Hirashiki was simply one of the best television cameramen to cover the Vietnam War. His soaring video, often acquired only at great personal risk, gave wings to even the most mundane narration. For those of us who worked with him he was also a source of gentleness and joy in a place where both … More A Vietnam War Cameraman Reflects on ‘The Television War’

100 Years of Tanks

One hundred years ago the face of modern warfare was forever changed . On September 15, 1916, the British attacked German positions at Flers-Courcelette – part of the larger Somme offensive – with 32 tanks. The hopeful reaction to the new machines naturally spurred interest in how they had been conceived and by whom. A … More 100 Years of Tanks

Successful Launch for OSWALD BOELCKE

RG and Carole Hoover-Head hosted a Book Launch party for for his latest work, OSWALD BOELCKE: Germany’s First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat, for close friends at their home in Coronado on 6 September. Champagne and dinner were served with wild salmon, caviar, shrimp, fruit, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Guests were greeted with a poster … More Successful Launch for OSWALD BOELCKE

Inside Combat Rescue

Tonight at 10:00 pm, the National Geographic Channel will be premiering a six-part event entitled Inside Combat Rescue. This show will chronicle the lives and missions of members of the Air Force’s elite Pararescue team.   Pararescue members (also called PJs) have one goal: to rescue and return American or Allied forces in extreme danger or duress. … More Inside Combat Rescue