Holiday Bargains from Casemate Publishers & The Warrior

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Happy Holidays from Casemate Publishers & The Warrior! 🎄

We are pleased to present this year’s holiday bargains from The Warrior. We’re offering a large selection of specially-priced titles starting at 50% off throughout the holiday season! 

Use the Access Code “HOLIDAY” to view our Warrior holiday bargains only on These holiday discounts are valid through December 31st. Because these offers are presented by The Warrior, you’ll also receive discounted shipping on orders from this list. 

Over 500 titles are featured in The Warrior holiday bargains. Here are just a few of the great deals:

Gold Run: The Rescue of Norway’s Gold Bullion from the Nazis, 1940 is now just $5.95 (orig. $32.95)

Heinrich Himmler: A Photo History of the Reichsfuhrer-SS is now just $31.95 (orig. $65.00)

Hitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard is now just $16.95 (orig. $32.95)

Paris ’44: The City of Light Redeemed is now just $8.95 (orig. $34.95)

Mercenaries in the Classical World: To the Death of Alexander is now just $19.95 (orig. $29.95)

Belisarius: The Last Roman General is now just $12.95 (orig. $24.95)

The Gettysburg Campaign in Numbers and Losses: Synopses, Orders of Battle, Strengths, Casualties, and Maps, June 9 – July 14, 1863 is now just $16.95 (orig $32.95)

Aces of the Luftwaffe: The Jagdfliegern and Their Tactics of World War II is now just $19.95 (orig. $39.95)

Britain’s Cold War Fighters is now just $19.95 (orig. $39.95)

Voices from the Luftwaffe is now just $7.95 (orig. $14.95)

Zulu Zulu Golf: Two Years with KOEVOET is now just $13.95 (orig, $27.00)

Hearts and Mines: With the Marines in al Anbar—A Story of Psychological Warfare in Iraq is now just $5.95 (orig. $29.95)

Holy Wars: 3000 Years of Battles in the Holy Land is now just $9.95 (orig, $18.95)

The Mapmakers’ World: A Cultural History of the European World Map is now just $37.95 (orig. $75.00)

Forging a Special Operations Force: The US Army Rangers is now just $16.95 (orig. $32.95)

Click here to view all of The Warrior holiday bargains on>>>


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