Casemate Favorites, Now Available in Paperback

Kick off the weekend by purchasing one of our bestselling titles, now available in paperback! These five books have been well-loved by readers over the years, and some are even in their second paperback edition. From the Civil War, to World War II and more, you’ll find something to suit your interests here. 

The Drive on Moscow, 1941

9781612005966Now in its second paperback edition, this book is based on numerous archival records, letters, and other sources. It recreates the battle from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the generals. The battle, not fought in isolation, and its outcome reveal why the failure of the German assault on Moscow may well have been the true turning point of World War II.

“…an excellent book- well researched, fast paced and enjoyable to read. Both historians and general readers will profit from reading it.” – Military Review

“The strength of this work is its focus on that human dimension; attention is given to field marshals and national leaders, but equal space is given to soldiers on the front, facing artillery and mines along with horrible weather. This book places the reader alongside combatants at all levels.” – WWII History

The Filthy Thirteen

9781612005942In a new, smaller paperback edition, this book does not draw a new portrait of earnest citizen soldiers. Instead it describes a group of hardscrabble guys whom any respectable person would be loath to meet in a bar or dark alley. But they were an integral part of the U.S. war against Nazi Germany. A brawling bunch of no-goodniks whose only saving grace was that they inflicted more damage on the Germans than on MPs, the English countryside and their own officers, the Filthy 13 remain a legend within the ranks of the 101st Airborne.

“The true story of the Dirty Dozen is fascinating, funny, thrilling, fantastic, and larger than life.” – Books Monthly

Nazi Millionaires

A dying glacierNow in its second paperback edition, this thrilling book explores the fate of the many treasures stolen by the Nazis. During the final days of World War II, German SS officers crammed trains, cars, and trucks full of gold, currency, and jewels, and headed for the mountains of Austria. The intensive postwar Allied investigation that followed recovered only a sliver of this mountain of gold. What happened to the rest of it, and what fate befell these men?

“Drawing upon thousands of pages of previously unpublished and recently declassified documents this book is a creditable work benefiting from a wealth of well researched and listed source material. It is a fascinating story and incorporates all the elements of a thriller- excitement, suspense, mystery, and with espionage thrown in for good measure. A thoroughly good read!” – Britain at War

The First Jihad

9781612005935Before there was Osama bin Laden, Abu al-Zarqawi or Ayatollah Khomeini, there was the Mahdi—the “Expected One”—who raised the Arabs in pan-tribal revolt against infidels and apostates in the late 19th-century Sudan. This deeply researched work reminds us that the “clash of civilizations” that supposedly came upon us in September 2001 in fact began much earlier. This book is essential reading for all those who seek to understand the roots of our current relationship with Islam.

“The great merit of Daniel Allen Butler’s The First Jihad, which was originally published in 2007 and has now been released in paperback, is that it reminds us that militant Islam is not a new phenomenon on the world stage.” – New York Journal of Books

“What is startling about the story of Muhammad Ahmad is the immediacy of the mysterious desert mullah to the incarnation of contemporary terrorism. This book is a must-read for every student and policy-maker who seeks to understand religious fundamentalism and terrorism in the world today.” – Insight on Africa

Year of Glory

9781612005652No commander during the Civil War is more closely identified with the “cavalier mystique” as Major General J.E.B. (Jeb) Stuart. And none played a more prominent role during the brief period when the hopes of the nascent Confederacy were at their apex, when it appeared as though the Army of Northern Virginia could not be restrained from establishing

“…a great addition to your Civil War library. This detailed and colorful study follows Stuart from June 1862 to June 1863 when his rising star paralleled that of the Confederacy….one of those rare books not only worth reading but rereading.” – North South Traders Civil War

“Aker’s animated writing style places the reader within Jeb Stuart’s inner circle as they gather around the campfire singing a popular melody or conferring over future combat operations. For the student of Civil War history, this work provides a deeper understanding of one of the most intriguing leaders and characters of the war…a great addition to any Civil War Collection.” – Military Review

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