New Greenhill Book Sheds Light on Hitler’s Private Life

Living with Hitler: Accounts of Hitler’s Household Staff, from Greenhill Books, presents a unique portrait of the man behind the monster known as Adolf Hitler. 

9781784382971In this book, you’ll meet Anna Plaim, a chambermaid who knew nothing of Hitler but his home life in Berghof; Karl Krause, Hitler’s personal bodyguard; and Herbert Döhring, his house administrator.

These viewpoints provide us with a glimpse into a rarely-seen, “human” version of the Fuhrer, along with observations on his relatives and entourage.

“The glimpses they give us into the deceptive normality of Hitler’s private life irresistibly and graphically reinforce the significance of Hannah Arendt’s often criticised concept of the ‘banality of evil.’”
The Jewish Chronicle

This fascinating volume is perfect for anyone interested in World War II and the private life of one of the world’s most infamous dictators.

Living with Hitler is available now on our website, and from all major retailers.

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