Malloch’s Spitfire

Malloch's Spitfire coverWe’re pleased to announce that Malloch’s Spitfire by Nick Meikle is now available from Casemate Publishers! This is the story of the pursuit of a dream. Spitfire PK350 is the only late-mark Spitfire, an F Mk 22, to have ever been restored to full flying status. She had no restrictions on her airframe and with four fully serviceable 20mm cannons, she was as good as the day she came off the production line in July 1945 near Birmingham, England.

Some fascinating insights are revealed in this account. From the test pilot who first flew her as PK350 on 25 July 1945, the reader is taken on a journey through the aircraft’s complete life, with the project’s lead engineer and most of the surviving pilots who flew her gracing the story with their memories. For two years PK350 delighted those fortunate enough to see her fly, mostly around Salisbury (Harare) airport. Then, on what was planned to be its last flight, Malloch’s Spitfire never returned to base.

In the preface to this book, Jack Malloch’s three children write: “The rebuilding of the Spitfire is an important story in the saga of Jack Malloch’s life and in telling it, Nick seems to have captured the essence of who he was: humble and unassuming, but an adventurous daredevil who, at the same time, did what he did because he believed in it. Knowing Nick over the past 15 years and spending long hours together in the cockpit, we’ve found him to be a man of absolute integrity, thorough and calm, with characteristics not unlike those of our Dad himself. We feel that through his research and a wealth of historical knowledge, he is the perfect person to tell this story. We, as a family, are extremely grateful to Nick for documenting this great chapter in Rhodesian aviation and giving us, and our children, this record.”

You can buy Malloch’s Spitfire now from the Casemate Publishers website.

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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014

Oshkosh logo

Casemate is pleased to announce that we are exhibiting all week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 in Oshkosh, WI! The convention will be held at the EAA Aviation Center from Monday July 28th to Sunday August 3rd. We will be showcasing a variety of our new releases, so make sure to stop by our stand and say hello if you are attending!

We will be in Garmin Exhibit Hangar D, booth 4020. Find us on the map here.

Exhibit hours of operation:

Monday through Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Be sure to take a look at all our new releases from Kagero, including  B-25J “Mitchell” in Combat Over Europe (MTO):

B-25J Mitchell

  This unique photo album contains numerous B-25J “Mitchell” photographs showing this particular B-25 version participating in air campaign in the skies over southern Europe (MTO). You will find 140 photos, including 36 in color, published on 80 pages. All images are captioned with the author’s descriptions both in English and Polish. Many of the photographs presented here have never been published before. Another interesting feature of this album worth attention highlights participation of Polish fliers among bombing crews.





Also take some time to look at the second volume of A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945 1943  from Grub Street Publishing:

The first voluMed Air War vol2me of this series dealt with the initial 19 months of the air war over the Western Desert of North Africa. This volume picks up the story as the 8th Army, following its hard-fought success in Operation Crusader, was forced back to the Gazala area, roughly midway between the Cyrenaican/Tripolitanian border of Libya and the frontier with Egypt.

It covers the lull prior to the disastrous defeat of the 8th Army in June 1942 and the loss of the important port and fortress of Tobruk. The costly efforts of the Allied air forces to protect the retreating British and Commonwealth troops and prevent this turning into a rout is examined in depth. So too is the heavy fighting which followed in the El Alamein region as the line was stabilized. This period was ameliorated somewhat for the Western Desert Air Force by the arrival – at last – of the first Spitfires. While the fighting above the constantly moving front lines form the main narrative of this book, the Allied and Axis night bombing offensives and the activities of the squadrons cooperating with the naval forces in the Mediterranean are certainly not neglected.

If you missed volume one, you can find it here.

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Author Robert Tonsetic inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame

From left to right: General (Ret) William F. Kernan, Colonel (Ret) Robert L. Tonsetic, Command Sergeant Major Charles Albertson

From left to right: General (Ret) William F. Kernan, Colonel (Ret) Robert L. Tonsetic, Command Sergeant Major Charles Albertson

Casemate author, Robert L. Tonsetic, was one of ten Army Rangers inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame in a ceremony on July 16, 2014, at Fort Benning, GA.  Tonsetic a retired US Army Colonel is the author of Days of Valor: An Inside Account of the Bloodiest Six Months of the Vietnam War, Forsaken Warriors: The Story of an American Advisor with the South Vietnamese Rangers and Airborne, 1781: The Decisive Year of the Revolutionary War, and Special Operations in the American Revolution.

The Ranger Hall of Fame was formed to honor and preserve the spirit and contributions of America’s most extraordinary Rangers.  Each nominee was subjected to the scrutiny of the Selection Board to ensure the most extraordinary contributions are acknowledged.  Each selectee must have served in a Ranger unit in combat or be a successful graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School.  Tonsetic joins the ranks of such luminaries as Captain Benjamin Church, Major Robert Rogers, Captain Nathan Hale and Generals William O. Darby, James E. Rudder, and Colin Powell, all of whom distinguished themselves in Ranger history.

Each inductee is presented with an engraved, specially cast bronze Ranger Hall of Fame medallion suspended from a red, white and blue ribbon. The medal signifies selfless service, excellence and remarkable accomplishment in the defense of the nation and to the highest ideals of service.

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Historicon 2014 in Fredericksburg, VA!


Casemate is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting all weekend at Historicon 2014 in Fredericksburg, VA! The convention will be held at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center, and this year’s theme is “Big Wars, Little Soldiers–World Wars throughout time.” We will be showcasing a variety of our New Releases, so make sure to stop by the stand and say hello if you are attending!

Vendor Hall Hours of Operation:

Thursday: 12 Noon-6 PM

Friday: 9 AM-6 PM

Saturday: 9AM-6PM

Sunday: 9 AM-12 Noon

Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! We will be posting pictures and tweeting live from the convention!

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Grub Street World War I eBook Sale

Grub Street W1 eBook

We’re excited to announce that from today until July 19th, you can get these great eBooks from Grub Street Publishing for only $5.99!

All of these books are fascinating accounts of World War I aviators and their lives during the Great War. Make sure to download a copy of one or all five books today!

Iron Man
Rudolf Berthold: Germany’s Indomitable Fighter Ace of World War I
Peter Kilduff

Peter Kilduff has produced a landmark volume based on extensive research into Rudolf Berthold’s life and military career to form the most complete account yet about Germany’s sixth highest scoring fighter ace of WWI. Iron Man tells the tale of this ruthless, fearless and, above all, very patriotic fighter whose perseverance and bravery made him one of the most famous airmen of World War I.

A really first-rate book about the German flying Ace by a well-established and much respected historian.” – The Great war Magazine

Winged Victory
V.M. Yeates

There is no bitter snarl nor self-pity in this classic novel about the air war of 1914-1918, based very largely on the author’s experiences. Combat, loneliness, fatigue, fear, comradeship, women, excitement – all are built into a vigorous and authentic structure by one of the most valiant pilots of the then Royal Flying Corps.

The greatest novel of war in the air.’ –The Daily Mail

Hermann Göring Fighter Ace
The World War I Career of Germany’s Most Infamous Airman
Peter Kilduff

Hermann Göring – Fighter Ace’ is the first in-depth look at Göring’s role as a military flyer and air combat leader from 1914 through the end of The Great War, and how those experiences shaped the personality that came to the world’s attention in 1939.

Kilduff is very knowledgeable about his subject. His discussion of the process for claiming aerial victories is particularly enlightening. The high-quality book is beautifully bound and printed. Goring himself took many of the photographs.” –Airpower Historian

Open Cockpit
Arthur Gould Lee

Thanks to a broken leg during flight school, Arthur Stanley Gould Lee gained valuable additional time flying trainers before he was posted to France during World War I. In November 1917 during low level bombing and strafing attacks, he was shot down three times by ground fire. He spent eight months at the front and accumulated 222 hours of flight time in Sopwith Pups and Camels during a staggering 118 patrols; being engaged in combat 56 times.

This is a classic account of the air war over the Western Front.” –Britain at War.

Black Fokker Leader
Peter Kilduff

One of the most noteworthy German fighter pilots of World War I was Leutnant der Reserve Carl Degelow, whose squadron of mostly black Fokker D.VII fighters posed a formidable threat to some of Britain’s most celebrated air units on the Western Front.

“…provides an excellent insight into one of the conflict’s most notable German air aces.” –Windsock Worldwide

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Independence Day!


“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits.”–Thomas Jefferson

We wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July here at Casemate Publishers! Make sure to check out our collection of Revolutionary titles available in both print and digital formats here!




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The Battle of the Bridges

9781612002323We’re excited to announce that The Battle of the Bridges: The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Operation Market Garden is now available from Casemate Publishers!

In this great book, author Frank van Lunteren sheds new light on the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment’s actions during Operation Market Garden.

To learn more about the research that went into this book, we asked Frank van Lunteren a few questions:

When did you first realize that you wanted to become a writer? 

Actually from early age on. I already wrote short stories as a child and when I was about ten years old I knew that I wanted to study history and become an author. What fascinated me was the fact that I wanted to record events that I had never witnessed, but in describing them could better understand –  like the Battle of Arnhem. This led as a college and later university student into my interest in the US paratroopers in World War Two.

What fascinates you about revisiting the past and bringing it to life in a book?

That you can ‘bring to life’ and by doing so ‘experience’ in a reconstructed way what happened in a time before you actually lived. Or as the famous German historian Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886) put it, to write “wie es eigentlich gewesen ist.”

When and how did you become interested in Military history?

Growing up in Arnhem I saw British and Polish veterans coming each year in great numbers for the annual commemoration. Taking part in the annual Airborne March (international one day walking event), visiting the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek about the Battle of Arnhem as a child and later (age 15 and on) the annual commemorations at the Airborne Cemetery in Oosterbeek. During my study time in Nijmegen I would cross the Waal River by train five days a week and it made me reminisce about the scenes in the book and film “A Bridge Too Far”. Although I liked the way Robert Redford fought his way to the Waal Bridge in the movie, I wanted to learn more about the actual events back in 1944. Getting in touch with James McNamara, Jr. (son of a 504th PIR veteran) and Fred Baldino (A Company veteran) I really got interested in the 504th. I visited Fred in his house in California in October 2003 and from then on started to research A Company. It was I Company veteran Francis Keefe who asked me in August 2007 to expand my research and incorporate the entire regimental history in WWII.

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D-Day: The 70th Anniversary

D-Day Banner

This year, it has been especially gratifying here at Casemate Publishers to see D-Day commemorated so well in the papers, on the internet, and on TV.

It’s a sad fact that by now on the 70th anniversary, many of the veterans of that epic battle have already gone from us, and by the time the 75th comes around we may remain with very few.

But we at Casemate have been publishing their stories all along, as well as honoring those veterans, and we only appreciate the increased public attention during this 70th anniversary year.


To recount the importance of this epic event:

By 1944 Nazi Germany—with the best military extant at that time—had taken over all of continental Europe. They had also subsumed all the industrial capacity and resources of the continent to create a veritable “fortress” that defied any other world power to topple it.

By 1944 it was left to the Americans and British to dare a way, via a seaborne invasion, to break into Nazi-held Europe and re-establish democracy and civilized Western principles once and for all.

Naturally the Germans knew the Amis/Brits were coming, and they had fortified the French coastline with massive gun emplacements and entrenchments. Plus, they also put their best general on the scene, Rommel, with a considerable armored reserve, including practically every SS Panzer Division the Germans had.

When 150,000 U.S. and British troops sailed off from England on that dark morning of June 6, 1944, who knew what they would meet? If the invasion failed, the entire war was lost. The West wouldn’t try it again. If the invasion actually succeeded there was nothing but another horrific year of battles to come.

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Into the Dark Water

We’re pleased to present the newest release from Casemate Publishers – Into the Dark Water: The Story of Three Officers and PT-109.

This fascinating book provides the complete record of PT-109’s wartime story under the command of its three officers – Bryant Larson, Rollin Westholm, and John F. Kennedy.

To learn more about the research into this story, we talked to author John J. Domagalski about his book.


What fascinates you about revisiting the past and bringing it to life in a book?

I really like narrative history – using firsthand accounts to tell a story. It brings a story to life and makes it about people. I have always liked reading about the experiences of other people from the past, often not a single person, but a group of people involved in an event – such as a battle or those aboard a particular ship. There is a level of human interest that comes to the forefront of a story when it is told about people. I try to do the same in all of my writing projects.

When and how did you become interested in Military history?

I became interested in military history through reading and building model ships. I started reading about history in grade school and the interest only increased as I grew older. I gradually focused on reading about modern American military history from World War II to the present. Eventually the focus turned to the Pacific side of World War II with an emphasis on naval operations.

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The Fights on the Little Horn

We’re excited to announce the release of The Fights on the Little Horn: Unveiling the Mysteries of Custer’s Last Stand.


This groundbreaking book is the culmination of 50 years of research into the true story of the Battle of Little Bighorn.  With the aid of previously unknown primary sources, the author, Gordon Harper, spent almost two-thirds of his life researching evidence and reports from each side of the battlefield.

Harper passed away in 2009, leaving behind 2000 pages of reports, letters, and interviews as well as nearly two million words of original research.  With help from his daughter Tori and  historians Gordon Richard and Monte Akers, Harper’s life work and research is now available for the general public.

Gordon Harper

Gordon Harper

In the foreword to this book, Tori Harper writes,

What you have in your hands, then, is what Gordon Harper believed that the available, primary sources reveal as what really happened; unadorned with speculation and theories from other experts, but filtered through the mind and knowledge of a man who literally devoted half a century to studying what occurred on one particular day in history.

Due to the immense amount of research, bibliographies, and appendices that make up Gordon Harper’s work, an extended eBook companion guide will be released in the following weeks.

You can purchase your own copy of The Fights on the Little Horn here.


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